Patient Testimonials

My story likely began generations ago as my type of loss was common in our family and passed down through my grandmother and father. Many of my aunts, uncles and cousins suffer from what was always labeled in the family as “hereditary nerve loss hearing.”

It tends to begin decades before typical age loss hearing. I sensed problems in my 30’s and had tests to determine any physical abnormities that could account for this. By mid-forties, I received my first pair of hearing aids. I was told then that I had the hearing of someone in their retirement years. I’ve relied on them now for over 25 years.

I first met Susan Baker after I had had problems with another provider in Fort Collins. They had not been able to repair a detached stem. I tried other offices in town and Susan was the one able to get this done. I soon switched to Advanced Hearing Services and have not regretted this.

Service is key in the tricky world of hearing aids. The service Susan provides is outstanding. I have worried that I was her “customer from hell” because I have had to go in for many adjustments, fittings and tweakings. She has always been patient and scheduled me as quickly as possible. She has been an advocate for me to Oticon when we’ve had to send the aids back. I can’t imagine this kind of personal and professional help from discount stores or other providers.

I’ve recommended Susan to others and I know that they have appreciated her and the service she has given. My time with her allowed me to finish my working years though the lifeline of hearing aids and her constant support. I’m very happy to return this support that she’s given to me for many years.

Bill Miles

In all honesty, I have probably always had hearing issues, but managed to pass hearing tests as a child. It was not until 2007 at age 45 that I was diagnosed with a genetic hearing loss by a much larger firm that only wanted to get me out the door with a pair of $7,000 hearing aids. There was nothing personal about the experience and I never went back. In 2018 we were planning to go to Italy for a 17-day tour and a week with our daughter who spent that spring semester at school in Rome. Just prior to her leaving, she and I got into a fight and she said, “isn’t it going to be sad that you won’t be able to hear anything the tour guide says?” That was my incentive to contact and seek help from Advanced Hearing Services. From the moment I met Susan and her staff I felt extremely comfortable getting help. I was again diagnosed with the same genetic hearing loss and decided to go ahead with the hearing aids Susan recommended. It truly has been life changing to be able to hear better than I can remember ever hearing. I gave up the word “what” and really engage in conversations more. I also pay more attention to TV, movies and what is going on around me. Susan Baker and her staff at Advanced Hearing Services are wonderful to work with and the few minor issues I have had have always been addressed quickly.


I have been a client of Advanced Hearing for many years and have found Susan and her staff to give 5 Star performance all the time. From the friendly smiles at the front desk, throughout the exam and fittings of the hearing aids they are a top-notch group. Susan will use every tool she has to help you hear better.

Kim Fisher

I have been coming to Susan and her staff at Advanced hearing for many years with a genetic hearing loss.

I started Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aids. They were a big help but eventually they could not provide enough amplification for my changing hearing loss so I moved to Mini Behind-the-Ear aids with more amplification and surprising comfort with the universal ear cup.

The big improvement came with the move to the Oticon On. Speech comprehension was greatly improved; I could finally hear my wife upstairs from my basement office. Conversations in noisy environments was greatly improved. The ability to pair with my iPhone directly has been huge as well. In addition to clear phone conversations (better than the land line) I noticed instruments in my favorite song that I had never heard before.

Susan and the staff have always been professional and attentive to all my questions and adjustments.

Don Weiss

I have been a patient of Susan’s for almost 21 years. I find her very competent and an extremely caring person. She has thorough knowledge and experience with the Oticon hearing devices and can quickly and efficiently adjust them to meet the patient’s needs.

I had gradually experienced hearing loss in my early fifties and began to have difficulties hearing soft voices which, in turn made it difficult to respond appropriately during conversation. Through the years telephone conversations became extremely difficult to impossible to participate in and the ability to hear almost any voices. Background noise during family gatherings and at restaurants began to make understanding conversations extremely difficult. I now have profound hearing loss.

Through the years, based on Susan’s expert advice and recommendations, I have purchased at least four sets of hearing devices. Each new Oticon set offering me significant hearing improvement. I must say that the Oticon Opn that I purchased in 2017 provided the most dramatic improvement in my hearing, while offering the option of device control using my cell phone. What a difference in my life this set has provided. I now have significant improvement in my hearing, a greater ability to understand and participate in conversations and the ability to connect my hearing devices directly to my cell phone using the app. I have had no failures with any of the Oticon devices and highly recommend Susan Baker and Advanced Hearing Services.


Hi folks. My name is Stan Griep. I first met Susan Baker several years ago. I was having major problems hearing and understanding family members and friends correctly. I would try to guess at what was said and 98% of the time got it wrong. Upon getting it wrong I became a target for some hurtful comments, being laughed at and yelled at to “Go Get An Aid Man”! At work I was also struggling in meetings where I really needed to hear and understand what was being said. I would ask others at the meeting to fill me in on things I just did not hear and understand. Sometimes folks were willing to help me out. Other times I got responses like, “pay better attention” or “that’s what you get for dozing off”. I did pay attention and I certainly did not doze off! I just could not hear!! I had major problems hearing my wife as well. She speaks softly most of the time and in a tone that my ears just could not pick up right. When I would ask for repeats, I would either get yelled at or a somewhat louder annoyed sounding response. No fault to my dear wife or any family members and friends. It is annoying to have to repeat oneself over and over again, I get that totally. It can be quite humorous too when someone does not hear something quite right and gives a way out of left field response, that too I well understand. The problem is that it is many times very hurtful to the person with the hearing loss issues. Susan understood the situation from day one. She listened to me as I painfully admitted my hearing loss problems and comfortingly told me that she could help me. I started out with a hearing aid in one ear that helped me a bunch! I was able to hear better around family and friends. Able to hear and understand things at important work meetings too. My hearing has gotten worse and I now have a hearing aid in both ears to help keep me “In The Conversation”, thanks to a wonderful caring person named Susan Baker. If you too are struggling with your hearing abilities and dealing with the hurtful comments, take hold of that problem and go see Susan at Advanced Hearing Services today! Why wait when help is standing right there in front of you just waiting for you to make the first move? I admit it took me some time to make the move, however I could not have come to a better person in Susan and her business, Advanced Hearing Services. Susan also helped my dear mother with some pretty major hearing issues over the years. Thank you, Susan, for your help and for being the caring person you are!

Stan Griep

Our experiences with Advanced Hearing:

My husband and I had taken his father and aunt to Advanced Hearing Services many years ago. When we started experiencing what seemed to be some hearing loss, we decided to make an appointment to get check as we knew the earlier you catch it and start working with it, the better your outcome. I was quite sure John had some but felt I was still doing fine. However, we felt it wise to get a base line on both of us as we were in our 60s. When we were first tested by Susan, she found some hearing loss and to my surprise, mine was more significant than John’s. Susan explained the difference between hearing and listening. She said we were not at the point that aids were needed. The whole experience was beneficial and gave us that baseline. A few years later we felt we were noticing a change and again had our hearing tested. The results showed that I was now at the point needing some assistance and John’s was borderline. After discussing the various approaches to our declining hearing with Susan we made the decision to get hearing aids that synced with our smart phones for added features. I immediately noticed a wonderful difference in following along with conversation and dialogs. Music was so much richer again. I realized how my gradual hearing loss had dulled my sense of hearing diminishing my quality of life without my being aware of it. When I don’t have my aids in, I feel like I am functioning with ear plugs in or like it is to hear when you have a head cold. For both John and I life is indeed richer with our more natural hearing restored.

Advanced Hearing has taken very good care of us with any issues that have occurred with our devices and any adjustments needed—standing behind their work, products and guarantees. Susan provides continued evaluation of our hearing health—wax removal, periodic testing, cleaning and adjustment of aids.

We highly recommend being proactive in your hearing healthcare and feel you can find no better a provider than Susan Baker and Advanced Hearing Services.

Bonnie and John Stegner

My hearing loss started in my early working career. Being exposed to loud machinery noise each day was not a good thing, but I didn’t know just how damaging it was. Wearing hearing protection wasn’t cool back then. Going through life I struggled to understand what was being said and often guessed at what was being said. This was frustrating for me and my family. I knew something had to be done. I was referred to an audiologist, Dr. Lentz. He said my hearing loss was significant and hearing aids would certainly help me. Susan Baker had just started to work with him and was very helpful in working with me to find hearing aids that would work best for me. She was in the forefront of technology then and continues to stay on top of the advances in hearing aid technology. I’ve trusted her with my hearing health care for over 20 years. The greatest gift I’ve received from her is being able to hear the voices of children, especially that of our granddaughter. I gladly refer any one who is experiencing difficulty hearing to Advanced Hearing and Susan Baker. Thank you for the years of service to me.

Jerry Yoder

I truly appreciate my hearing aids and your wonderful, friendly service. They have opened up a whole new world to me! I am very grateful that I have them and my family is too!

Clare G

We are glad we found you! It is no exaggeration to say our lives are easier and more enjoyable because of you and Oticon.  We’ve told many of our friends how pleased we are with Advanced Hearing Services, and will continue to give your business our highest recommendation.  Thank you again!

Craig & Karen

I was wearing hearing aids for over 7 years that did not help my hearing. I could not hear my grandkids either. I know have hearing aids that help cut down on the background noise and I hear so much better. Susan was very personal and professional and I highly recommend Advanced Hearing to anyone who wants personalized service.


I knew my hearing was getting bad; however until Susan performed a thorough hearing test I had no idea how bad. Susan patiently explained the hearing loss and what the Oticon device could do for me. Because of vanity I did not want one; however the device is barely seen and besides, I wanted to hear! Susan and her staff are very professional, personable and very helpful. I would highly recommend Susan, her staff and the Oticon hearing device!

Jean Knight, FTC, CO

I’ve worn hearing aids for a number of years and had a problem with background noise and unnatural, ‘tinny’ sounds. Susan Baker at Advanced Hearing Services fit me with hearing aids that eliminated the unnatural sounds and sharply reduced background noise. They’re also the most comfortable hearing aids I’ve ever worn. Susan strikes me as a genuinely caring provider whose attention to detail and follow-up work impressed me. But most impressive was my return to more ‘normal’ hearing.


Before coming to Susan, I was unable to hear anything when there was a lot of background noise. I could barely hear the TV. Susan listened to my problems and didn’t assume that one type of hearing device was good for both ears. She fit each ear according to its individual loss which made it so much better.

Susan is enjoyable and easy to work with and always listens carefully to any problems I have with my hearing difficulty. I would highly recommend Susan Baker at Advanced Hearing Services to my friends and family.


After trying two other types of hearing aids and getting very unsatisfactory results I visited Susan. She was able to get the hearing aids I had at the time working better than the people I bought them from. As time went on it became very difficult for me to hear phone conversations on my hearing aids. Most of my work is on the phone so I had a problem. Susan suggested the Oticon brand and gave me a test pair to try. They were outstanding and improved the phone conversations to a remarkable level. Susan and her staff are very easy to work with and always greet me with a smile.


I was currently wearing an in-the-ear device in my right ear, and the hearing in my left ear decreased to the point of needing a hearing aid for that ear also. The new Oticon Agil Pro Mini RITE aids cut down on exterior sounds, ie wind, and the two aids act in concert with each other. Lower or raising the volume in one ear is immediately transferred to the other ear.

Susan Baker has been my primary contact at Advanced Hearing Services for the past 6 years. I have complete confidence in Susan’s ability and knowledge to handle my present and future concerns, and would recommend Advanced Hearing Services to anyone who asked.


Hearing loss started in both ears early in my life. I have, as a result, been wearing hearing aids for almost 30 years. The models that fit directly in my ear were sufficient until recently when they could not produce sufficient volume to service my continuing hearing loss. Consequently, I decided to purchase a pair of hearing aids that fit behind my ears with sufficient power. These aids have completely changed my world. Using these hearing aids, I am able to hear sounds that I have not been able to hear for years. The technology of these hearing aids is far superior to anything I have ever worn before, and produce volume to spare. The aids are also Bluetooth compatible, which allows me to enjoy telephone conversations in stereo. The hearing aids are allowing me to experience and enjoy the world of sound again.


My new hearing aids have proven very satisfactory. I have been using them now for several months and find the flexibility they offer a great help and very easy to adjust for sound variety.

Previously I had no instant control and would often find varying volumes very difficult. Social settings often meant I would be confronted with a large range of voices and music or other external sounds. Now I instantly control those situations in a single unnoticeable manner. I do not avoid any sound conditions. I can now even tone out external noise and easily follow all conversation.

I am thankful it did not take you long to analyze my dilemma to make basic recommendations and adjustments. Your technical educational background and years of experience are obvious.

For all the above reasons, I can readily recommend you to anyone who wants to regain quality hearing as I have.


Over the last couple of years I’ve been to other hearing aid providers and have been given hearing aids to try for a week. They were handed to me with the statement, “These are set for your prescription.”

Susan has a different approach. The prescription is a guideline only. She took the time to custom fit the devices and tweak settings so that what I was hearing sounded normal; big difference from my previous experiences which left me with itchy sore ears. I couldn’t wait to get the aids off at the end of the day. Thanks to Susan’s expertise, I giggled to myself at the end of the day when I thought, “I don’t want to take these things off!” Who knew they could be so comfortable and make hearing so easy.

I guess people can buy hearing aids wherever they want, but I would strongly recommend an appointment with Susan before you purchase. If you already have hearing aids that “don’t seem right” a stop at Advanced Hearing Services is a must!

Diana Olson, Lander, WY

I went to Susan at Advanced Hearing Services about 2 years ago because of hearing complications. She thoroughly checked my hearing and diagnosed the problem. I was then fitted with what I called ‘hearing aids.’ I have since learned to call them hearing devices! They changed my life. The ringing in my ears (tinnitus) is not apparent when I have my Oticon Agil Pro hearing devices in. I wear them from getting up in the morning until I tell my wife goodnight. Thanks for letting me hear her again! I can even hear rattlesnakes when I am out hiking. Very important!

I have since recommended Advanced Hearing Services to all of my patients who ask me about my hearing devices. My father is the best example of Susan treating people with concern and compassion. He has severe hearing loss, which required a lot of TLC on her part. Skip the half page ads, the internet deals, the discount houses……just go here and have someone you can depend on when you need help. Susan will treat you like you are family!


I have been using old analog hearing aids for years. I found that I could not understand people in noisy restaurants. I could not use my cell phone without putting it on the speaker. Even if I turned the TV volume up I still could not understand all the words. My wife was constantly frustrated by me asking her to repeat what she had said.

The minute that I tried the new Oticon Alta digital hearing aids I was sold. Everything sounded so very natural. I could more clearly hear the words that people were saying. The feature that connects the hearing aids directly to my cell phone and TV is fantastic for its clarity. What was also amazing was that I could hear the direction a sound was coming from.

The ultimate test of my new hearing aids was when my wife and I went to a concert. We sat in the 4th row. I was able to have a normal conversation with a person in front of me despite all the noise. What also amazed me was I was finally able to clearly understand all the lyrics of the bands.


I had been wearing one hearing aid for almost 10 years. In the last 2 years my tinnitus condition got worse and during my visit to Susan I mentioned my distress. She recommended wearing a second hearing aid to alleviate the tinnitus. After a few months the level of noise in my brain was unbearable to the point of desperation. I was afraid of hurting myself – the noise was in the frontal part of my head. In the mean time Susan attended a conference about tinnitus where a hearing device was released with a white noise feature built in the hearing aids. So I took it!!!

After 4-6 weeks of wearing the devices, the noise in the front of my brain moved to the back of the brain! What a relief!! It has been 6 months now and my tinnitus persist but I have the devices to cope with my situation. Advanced Hearing Services acts professional, supportive and compassionate. At no time I felt pressure to buy the devices. I am not only recommending Advanced Hearing’s services but encourage people to use the devices that treat tinnitus. It gave me a quality of life. Thank you Susan


As a 53 year old business professional, I realized the impact my hearing loss was having on both my career and personal life. My physician recommended Susan Baker at Advanced Hearing Services.

Although I knew my ability to hear was important, I was very concerned about what an aid might look like, sitting on top of my ear. I knew I didn’t want that. Not at this stage of my life.

Susan took the time to listen to what different situations I was faced with at both home and at work. She also listened to the variety of noise I am exposed to, whether I was in one on one, or group settings. For me, it varies quite a bit. She also took into consideration the aesthetic side as well, but also kept performance at the forefront.

Susan fit me with a set of hearing aids by Oticon, a style that goes into my inner ear, almost unnoticeable. With their 30 day trial, this gave me the opportunity to test them in different environments. At the same time I was able to report back to Susan what I was experiencing with their performance. She was also able to answer all the questions I had about them. This could have been a challenge due to my work travel. But Susan was able to answer my questions with a phone call or an email, and make adjustments to the devices along the way.

In the end, Susan provided me with the tools to improve my ability to hear, with ones that I am comfortable wearing. Her knowledge of hearing loss, the devices she provides, and her passion to take care of her client was most impressive.

I recommend anyone with hearing loss to see Susan at Advanced Hearing Services. Her ability and interest in my care confirm that I made the right decision to get hearing aids.


At age 58, I had gradually decreasing hearing, and had problems understanding some spoken words with cell phone calls, conversations in noisy restaurants, and in staff meetings with cross conversations. I sometimes missed key words with young women or others with high pitched voices. At times I felt left out of quick moving conversations.

I graduated up through 3 sets of hearing devices over the 7 years with Advanced Hearing. My current hearing devices have helped me greatly. I now have improved hearing abilities in most environments. My Oticon Bluetooth necklace transmits cell phone calls directly into both sides of my hearing aids. This has greatly helped my phone conversations. There are still difficult hearing environments, but I can handle them better than before. I wear the devices during all of my waking hours, and can golf, ski, hike, and live a normal active life with the devices mostly hidden in my ear passage.

Susan has provided me with “Blue Ribbon” service over the years, at reasonable costs. She has been very patient with my many concerns, and desire for adjustments and improvements in programming as my hearing changes. Her technical knowledge of the programming tools, and the hearing aid electronics has helped greatly. She has loaned me equipment if needed, and made many accommodations on short notice.

I would recommend Advanced Hearing Services and have already recommended 4 – 5 friends go to Advanced hearing Services. I have done this because I know Susan and her office has high integrity and skills as outlined above. Even though other hearing aid offices have tried to recruit me with special deals, I have stayed with Susan for the reasons outlined above.


As a shooter/hunter aging into my 60’s, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me, my wife, and others that my hearing was definitely lacking. I frequently had to ask people to repeat phone numbers, menu choices and simple instructions – especially in restaurants, cocktail parties and family gatherings where several people were talking all at once around the dining room table. Sometimes, I was simply responding with blank, confused looks! Not cool? I was having the typical debates with my wife about how loud the TV should be.

I ‘got by’ pretty well with a single hearing aid for two years before I noticed I was really missing a lot in the unaided ear too. By cupping my palm around the unaided ear, it was clear I needed a second hearing aid. The very capable Susan Baker offered a choice of three approaches for the second hearing aid. After trying all three approaches in her office with simulated restaurant/dining table ‘noise’, we settled on a pair of Oticon Agil Pro devices, which offered DRAMATIC improvement. My wife and I now agree on the TV volume and I can easily hear every speaker around a fairly large table in the loudest, most crowded of restaurants. It’s like being 19 again!

The care I received at Advanced Hearing Services was extremely caring and competent. Susan gave very clear explanations and could easily answer all my questions. I am an engineer, so I ask a lot of questions! I appreciated being offered three solutions at three different cost levels.

Since Advanced Hearing Services was able to reverse 51-years of aging in my hearing ability, I definitely recommend Susan and the Oticon devices for anyone having hearing problems similar to mine. Mmm, I wonder if Susan could do anything about the white hair and wrinkles?


I have been wearing molded, in-the-canal hearing aids since 1996. In the last few years, it has become increasingly more difficult to hear in noisy environments, understand dialog on television or the movies, and speech in general. My 16-year-old hearing aids weren’t working very well anymore and it was time for them to be replaced and upgraded.

My new Oticon Acto Pro hearing aids that I purchased in 2012 from Susan Baker at Advanced Hearing Services in Fort Collins, Colorado work great. I can hear better than ever and no longer feel like I have plugs in my ears. These small, lightweight behind-the-ear hearing aids work really well. They are so comfortable that it’s easy to forget I am wearing them. I can clearly hear speech on the phone, in restaurants, watching television and the movies.

After a thorough hearing test and evaluation, I was shown the best choices for my hearing loss. The new technology features and differences were clearly explained. There was never any high pressure and I felt comfortable during the entire process. The best opportunity was to try them with no obligation to purchase. I was allowed to try out two different models for a week each to compare them. Since hearing aids are a big expense, I was very confident in my choice by the time I made my decision on which model to purchase.

Susan Baker and her staff, at Advanced Hearing Services, have been a pleasure to work with. Their after-purchase customer service is just as wonderful as it is before the sale. If you need an adjustment to your hearing aids, they will fit you in on very short notice. They are helpful, friendly, answered all my questions, offer a variety of payment plans and have incredible customer service. I would highly recommend Susan Baker at Advanced Hearing Services in Fort Collins, Colorado to anyone considering the purchase of hearing aids. I am totally satisfied with the care and service I have received from them.


I have had Meniere’s disease all of my life. At age 27 I was diagnosed with significant hearing loss. At that age I did not want to acknowledge my hearing loss, so I just got along and did nothing. Finally, this year at age 64 I had enough. At family gatherings, parties, restaurants, or just talking with people I sometimes felt invisible because I had no idea what was going on. I just could not make out what people were saying. I used to nod my head and smile a lot because I had no clue what people were saying. My daughter-in-law referred me to Susan Baker at Advanced Hearing Services. She ran a lot of tests and asked me a lot of questions. She listened carefully to everything I said. I told her that some days the ringing in my head was so loud that I wanted to smack my head into the nearest wall. After taking in all of my test results and comments, she fitted me with Oticon Minirite hearing devices. They literally disappear into your ear because they are so tiny! Oh my gosh, it was instantaneous! Everything was so sharp and clear and audible! I could even hear high tones, which I never could before. I could hear noises that I didn’t know made audible sounds–like leaves blowing on a tree, dog collars jangling, squeaky brakes, and footsteps from afar. I had no idea what I had been missing. Now when I walk my dog I can actually hear cars coming up behind us. I use to keep turning my head around to check for traffic because I couldn’t hear them coming, which was a real safety issue. Not only that, but these hearing devices can be controlled with an app on my IPhone. There is even a microphone option–I can place my phone in another room and hear what’s going on, which can be helpful in a classroom or similar situation. I also have a white noise program on these hearing devices, which reduces or eliminates the ringing in my head! I chose two different ocean wave programs, which are very soothing. I actually have that option on now as I type, and it is a peaceful background that is very calming. I cannot thank Susan enough for these hearing devices…they have enabled me to be part of life again. I highly recommend her!

Hilary Brown, Poway, CA

My biggest problem was hearing the soft voices of our three granddaughters. I was constantly asking them to repeat themselves and it was frustrating for all of us. Our daughter also has a soft voice and she was equally frustrated by having to repeat things several times. I also was having a hard time hearing public lectures, sermons, etc. I found myself tuning out of lectures simply because it was too much work to listen. The same thing happened in my book groups; I missed important points and was too embarrassed to ask to have points repeated. Telephone conversations were hard to hear, especially recorded messages.

I now can enjoy family gatherings more because I do not have to focus all my attention on listening. I rarely have to ask for repetition and my daughter sees a world of difference. Telephone and TV are easier to hear also. A friend of mine recommended that I talk with Susan Baker to learn what my options were for hearing devices. I was very impressed with our first meeting. Susan went through the different kinds of hearing devices and together we determined how sophisticated the devices needed to be. There was absolutely no pressure to order the devices. I felt that Susan’s main concern was to provide a product and service that would best serve my needs. At my fitting appointment all my questions were answered and several follow up appointments were made to fine tune my devices. I was particularly impressed with Susan’s patience and thoroughness in answering all my questions… and I think I have more questions than most people!!

I would highly recommend Advanced Hearing Services to anyone who needs hearing devices or anyone who is considering them. I was given information on the devices with no pressure to buy them and made the decision based strictly on my needs. I am confident that if I have questions or issues in the future, I will be able to get help quickly. Throughout this process the emphasis has been on helping me achieve the maximum benefit and satisfaction from the devices. I am totally satisfied with them and within a few days of wearing them forgot that I even had them on. They have far exceeded my expectations!!!