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Is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Worth It?

a bluetooth-enabled hearing aid held in a hand

Technology has transformed almost every single area of our lives, and it's exactly the same when it comes to supporting those living with hearing loss as well. A lot has changed in the world of hearing aids, and today’s devices are unobtrusive, sleek and modern, with Bluetooth connectivity that can directly be controlled using your smartphone. So, if you’re managing hearing issues and you’ve had an appointment with an audiologist, should you be considering a Bluetooth hearing aid?

How do Bluetooth hearing aids work?

In the not-so-distant past, if you received a diagnosis of hearing loss from an audiologist, and decided to hear a hearing aid, your access to audio devices such as smartphones or MP3 players was quite limited. You couldn’t have worn headphones alongside your hearing aid, which posed a difficulty for many people. Thankfully, modern technology has the answer. Sophisticated wireless hearing aids can tune directly into your device’s audio stream, letting you fully enjoy the music and movies you love by interacting with your devices and offering many more options for customizing your audio experience.

What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a universal wireless communication platform which allows paired devices to speak to each other by transmitting information through the air. Using high-frequency radio waves, data can be passed between two or more enabled devices with no risk to security or noise interference. A lot of electronic products sold today include Bluetooth connectivity, such as music players, smartphones, tablets, televisions, remote speakers and computers. 

How can my hearing aids work with Bluetooth?

How your hearing aids work using Bluetooth depends both on the model of hearing aid and the smartphone that you have. For apple users, there is a patented technology that connects hearing aids to your device, such as your iPhone, without draining the battery. 

A lot of hearing aids on the market that you will see say made for iPhone to indicate that they are compatible with this technology. If you don’t have an iPhone, Android is currently working on a similar compatibility standard. But you may already have a smartphone that doesn’t include the option for direct streaming between a device and your hearing aids. You can still benefit from this technology. 

Wireless hearing aids can use a compatible assisted listening device, often referred to as a streamer. This creates a communication link between your wireless hearing aids and any nearby Bluetooth device. Usually, you’ll find that the streamer can be worn on a cord around your neck or kept in your pocket for easy use. 

What are the benefits of a Bluetooth hearing aid?

There are multiple benefits to using a hearing aid that is Bluetooth enabled. This technology has opened up many possibilities that were previously difficult or impossible for those using a hearing aid, and put a lot of people off using them. 

Create multiple connections

Whether you use a streamer or pair directly with your hearing aids, Bluetooth technology lets you switch seamlessly between different devices. So, you could be listening to music or following a movie with the audio streamed via your Bluetooth hearing aids. And you can also be paired with your mobile phone at the same time. If you receive an incoming call – or make an outgoing one – the streamer can interrupt, pause or lower the volume of the first audio stream to allow you to switch to another task automatically.

Customize your listening

Perhaps the best benefit of getting a Bluetooth hearing aid is that you can use it to customize your listening experience. You can use an app on your phone to tailor the settings to your personal preferences. You can control the volume your hearing aids transmit and set up profiles for different environments. You can also use your hearing aids as wireless ear buds to listen to music or take phone calls. It’s a really simple, hands-free solution to many common situations. If you wear two hearing aids you can even set up the audio in each separately. 

Take control of your hearing

With any setback like your hearing, the loss of control can be one of the hardest things to accept. But Bluetooth hearing aids give you the control back. Remotely being able to change the volume, switch between devices and control what you hear is very liberating. And because Bluetooth technology is so universal, it works as a standard protocol across almost any device without having to install anything else.

Today’s technology has the power to completely change the experience of wearing hearing aids. To learn more about the difference this could make in your life, contact Advanced Hearing Services toady at 970-221-5249.